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Longview Wa Dentures Clinic - Jerry Winchell DDS
  • About Dentures

    When it comes to dealing with major tooth decay, tooth damage, and other serious dental emergencies, one of the best options available is dental crowns.

  • Financing Options

    At Jerry Winchell D.D.S., we understand the financial realities associated with medical procedures.

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    To schedule an appointment, please call our friendly staff or complete the form below.

Jerry Winchell D.D.S. – Longview and Kelso Area Dentures


Welcome, and thank you for choosing Jerry Winchell D.D.S. and Dr. Jerry Winchell for your denture needs in Longview and the Kelso area. Our friendly and experienced staff at Jerry Winchell D.D.S. takes great pride in providing quality care for our patients. Whether your denture needs are partial or full, permanent or temporary, Dr. Jerry Winchell and his staff understand the comfort and reliability of your dentures are top priorities, making it ours too. Jerry Winchell D.D.S. and Dr. Jerry Winchell are committed to providing the best denture service for our patients and the Longview, Washington community.


Jerry Winchell D.D.S. understands that dentures are an important part of your day-to-day comfort and well-being, which is why Dr. Jerry Winchell and his staff are readily equipped to tailor every denture procedure to the individual. Offering a full range of denture services utilizing advanced dental technology, including AvaDent digital dentures, we take pride in knowing our denture services are the most comprehensive, state of the art denture services in the [Region] area. Take a look at our dentures page to read about dentures and find out what kind of services we offer, and learn more about edentulism.

Smile Gallery

Seeing is believing when it comes to teeth. Even though comfort is the top priority, we understand the aesthetics and health benefits of having a beautiful smile, and place equal importance towards cosmetics. Take a look at our photo gallery of before and after smiles to see for yourself the work we can do.


Dr. Jerry Winchell and the staff at Jerry Winchell D.D.S. take pride in knowing our services are the best in the Longview and Kelso areas, and work tirelessly to gain the trust of our community and patients. We believe our results should determine whether or not you choose us, and recognize our patients’ testimonials are the best way to spread the word about the quality of our services. Read our patients’ statements and see for yourself why Jerry Winchell D.D.S. should be your trusted choice for dentures.



Dental procedures can be costly – even more so when there are personalized accessories involved. From appointments to materials, Dr. Jerry Winchell and his compassionate staff at Jerry Winchell D.D.S. will work with you to make sure your denture experience will not be a financial burden, and assure you that your dental health shouldn’t, and won’t be determined by the cost. Learn more about our payment plans and how we can help you get that smile and comfort you’ve always wanted.

About Us

Dr. Jerry Winchell and his staff at Jerry Winchell D.D.S. continue a tradition of exceptional and comprehensive dental care that is in their family. Serving patients throughout the Longview and [Region] areas, our dentists are committed to attentive care and efficient treatment for patients of all ages. Read more about Dr. Jerry Winchell and what Jerry Winchell D.D.S. is all about.

Contact Us

Call Jerry Winchell D.D.S. today to find out how we can address your denture needs. Dr. Jerry Winchell and his staff are happy to field any questions you might have about your dentures procedure, and are ready to help you get back that smile and comfort you are looking for. Assure yourself the best service possible in the Longview area by calling and scheduling a consultation today.

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